Published Is Better Than Perfect

Do you start projects and then wait until everything is “perfect” before you publish? Or worse, start one new project after the other and never really finish or launch any of them?

I do that. Not helpful.

My mantra for the next 12 months is “published is better than perfect” — meaning that it’s better to publish whatever my best work is now, instead of waiting for it to be perfect (and most likely never getting seen or read). is a side project that I’m fitting in between my own fiction writing . I didn’t want this site to suck up a lot of extra time (or use it as an excuse to procrastinate), but I also didn’t want to dawdle around and avoid sharing helpful information with you now about this modern world of fiction self-publishing.

So for now, there is no blog. No big resource list. Just a mailing list for notices, plus a placeholder page. We’ll add the rest as we go along. 😉

Published. Not perfect.

headshot-larissareynoldsMore soon,
Larissa Reynolds